Dragons in human form? An Excerpt from Book III of the Sunwright Chronicles – Blood Claim

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Echtelon stood next to the youngest daughter of Garion and Elyssa. The children of the two dragons like their father and mother each represented a different color, Diedra the youngest daughter in her dragon form was purple, in her human form she had long silky purple hair, purple eyebrows, and violet colored eyes. Like her brethren, her complexion was perfect, she had dark ruby red lips, she was tall and thin. There was an elegance to all of the dragons that was not human when they were in this form.

Now for sale at Barnes and Noble

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Updates coming soon

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Sorry about the lack of updates, I’ve been dealing with some health issues. I’m happy to report those health issues are being stamped out. The novel should be available at Barnes and Noble within a day or so.

Lifting the Veil of Tyranny – Book 1 in the Sunwright Chronicles is now available for purchase at Amazon!

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Join the Adventures of Paris, Suadela, Tobias, Calia and Pershing Sunwright as they live, love, and defend their home of Kirmar and the world of Terah.
The Empire of Kirmar is in shatters, its Emperor is insane. Staunch allies of Kirmar the kingdoms of Marin and Kelvaine have fallen to a powerful barbarian invasion from the east that now threaten to destroy the Empire of Kirmar. Not all is at it seems, as Paris and his wife Suadela both powerful mages sense an evil entity guiding the recent destruction around them. Now the husband and wife, gather a powerful party to battle an evil entity in the dark forests of the North which has been influencing regional events.
This is the world of Terah, a war between good and evil has been fought for thousands of years now. The recent events in Kirmar and the North are only small battles in the war. There is a dark hand guiding the most recent events in Terah, is the evil entity that Paris and his party are setting out to destroy the true power behind the recent destruction?
Join the grand adventure and enjoy massive battles, espionage, murder, betrayal, lust, and love.

The Basics of Elven Society

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The Elves and Humans both emerged into the world of Tera at the same time, the Elves in the upper North region of the continent, the Humans to the South. Being immortal the Elves reproduce slowly, their population growly so slowly they count their generations, the elder the generation an Elf belongs to the more venerated an elf is in society. By the time of “Lifting the Dark Veil of Tyranny” the Elven race is nine generations deep. The first generation was nearly wiped out in the “Great War” and then decimated by the wars that follow; it is true that Echtelon is the only Elf left of the first generation by the time of “Lifting the Dark Veil of Tyranny.”
The second and third generations were touched heavily by war as well, so you won’t find a full, healthy generation of Elves until you reach the fourth generation. The second and third generations of elves are considered the elders of the race; the second generation is where you find most of the leaders of Elven society.

Working on a special suprise

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I am currently working on a special project, can’t wait till its done! It will be well worth it! Yes it has to do with the Sunwright Chronicles :)

Being King is Serious Business – An Excerpt from book 3 of the Sunwright Chronicles “Blood Claim”

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Prince Edward gave his father one more murderous look, and then passed him slowly on his way out. King William kept a steady grip on his long sword ready to cut down his son if he showed any sign of attack. He did not, and William got to revel in his latest victory, he laughed silently to himself as he sheathed his sword.


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