An interesting turn of Events

An interesting turn of events in the Novella one that I had long imagined but never knew I was going to actually write about. It came out well and will be a main feature of the book. Necromancers will never be looked upon the same again and Paris was right.


An Excerpt

“You are saying that your former husband who beat you and treated you like trash…”
“Like a slave,” Suadela corrected.
“Like a slave then. You are saying he is more powerful than I am?”
“No, what I am saying is he might be as powerful as you are, more powerful I can’t imagine that, a duel between you two would destroy a world.”
“Well we don’t have to worry about ever meeting him,” Paris said with a sigh.
“I do hope so,” Suadela replied.
“Do you know something I don’t Su?”

On with the writing!

Wrote 3 more pages last night getting to about the midway point in this novella I think, that’s the feeling I get but you never know. There will be another skip of years in the novella, which should be the last skip of years it will result in the most interesting part of the story in my opinion.

Excerpt from the new Novella

Paris had to nearly run to keep up with Jaedus as she made her way across the grassy plain. Paris enhanced his senses he could feel the plows digging into the ground. He could sense the life force of the beings. As they came into view, Paris stopped Jaedus. With a series of words he extended his vision.

He saw what looked to be young Elves working the land. There was at least a hundred of them. Paris closed his eyes, examining them closely. There were a few that stood out to him two of the Elves in particular. They had already grown tall, taller than Paris by a foot at least.

“These two will be leaders,” Paris thought to himself.

New Novella

I am working on a new Novella that explores the Sunwrights first arrival on Alavar. I am already 22 pages into the rough draft shooting for 150 pages or so. It has been a very fun experience and I am enjoying writing again after a long hiatus.