A Site dedicted to the book series “The Sunwright Chronicles”

Magic, Romance, Action,
Intrigue, or War!

“I can say with great honesty that the Sunwright family has been the very foundation that keeps this Empire upright,”
– Emperor Justinian the Great.

Crisis engulfs the Empire of Kirmar. Barbarians from the east have poured through the borders of the Empire and threaten to capture the imperial capital. In addition to the invasion mysterious agents flood the Empire seeking to destabilize the already weakened state. To make matters worse Paris along with his wife Suadela have mysteriously vanished leaving their children Tobias, Calia and Pershing to face the current crisis alone. Luckily for the Empire of Kirmar the Sunwright children are more than ready for the challenge that faces them.
But will the united strength of the Sunwright children be enough to save the Empire of Kirmar? As the barbarians continue to push their advantage love and romance blooms in the most unlikely places. A sleeping giant in the Elven nation of Garion is wakened by the immediate danger facing Kirmar, will the Elves support Kirmar as they have done many times before? In the south the Empire of Imaldris formerly a part of the Empire of Kirmar is facing its own troubles. A weak Emperor has allowed the nation of Nazzir a long time enemy of the Empire to grow in power.
Even in these dark times there is always hope. A struggling Empire which has stood for nine hundred years is forced to come together to face the greatest crisis it has ever seen.


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